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Sentimental Values

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Family Card

Rewarding your Loyalty.

Do you also shop for your family when you shop for yourself?

  1. You can apply for our family card after your first purchase. Gain points on every transaction from the second time you shop with us. From your second purchase, you will get 10% back on whatever you spend.
  2. You can accumulate these points or redeem them on your third purchase to save on the next spending by your family or yourself. These points can be saved or redeemed by any of your family members.
  3. Through this family card, you get an early access to our limited edition and exclusive shoes.

With this, we are not limiting you. You can spend these points whenever you want as they do not come with any expiry date.

4. While placing order apply family card Discount code then you will get 10% Off.

Without family card Discount code enter you will not get 10% Off.

Special Days

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